Department of Information Technology for Industry 

The Faculty of Industrial Technology Management at the Bangkok Campus of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok began offering the Bachelor Program in Information Technology in 1995. The department was then named Information Technology for Industry, offering a Bachelor of Industrial Technology in Information Technology (continuing program), accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs from 8 December 1995. Students were graduates with vocational certificates from any field related to the industrial trade, and the program aimed at producing graduates with an ability to apply knowledge of information technology to their work in the industrial sector and other organizations, and to pursue their studies at a higher level.

      In 1998, the Department of Information Technology for Industry revised its continuing program so that it would fit the modern technology. Later in the year 1999, the department began to offer a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, which was accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs on 5th April in 1999 at King Mongut University of Technology North Bangkok, Prachinburi Campus. Students are graduates from grade 12 in high school, to be trained in information technology so that they can apply their knowledge in their career. 


     1. Bachelor of Technology Programs (B.Tech) (4-year programs) in :
             - Information Science
             - Multimedia Technology
             - Network Technology
             - Business Technology
      2. Bachelor of Industrial Technology (B.Ind.Tech) (2-year continuing program)
      3. Master of Science in Applied Information Technology 

Academic services

      The department provides academic services in many aspects, for example:
           1. Training about computer programs both on and off campus
           2. Software development services to meet the needs of companies 
           3. Electronics media development for specific use, e.g. instruction media and media for site introduction
           4. Analysis and design of computer networks

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